Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Tunez!

Needs no introduction. Have a weekend worthy of this colossal and necessary jam.

Don't forget to dance!!!


Monday, September 15, 2014

how DANCING makes me a better TEACHER


As some of you may know, the “Co” in “Calamity Co Dance” stands not for company, but for “Collaboration.” Or it might stand for “Collective,” depending on whom we’re trying to impress.

And if you’ve ever been to or in one of our shows, you know that we aren’t even kidding around. For example, whenever I organize an improv piece, I try to get the dancers to share their ideas. They’re freakin’ brilliant artists and if they’re willing to tell me what’s on their mind, lord knows I’m going to use it so we have a better piece.

Collaborating outside my usual discipline is my fave. When you’re suddenly working with a band or a visual artist that has never been in the dance world, suddenly you’re opened up to possibilities you wouldn’t have considered. For example, we can make pieces where the end of the piece is variable, like when we’ve worked with Scott Danek. Or, the band might give tasks to the audience, like when Rose and The Colors Run made their epic audience-interactive piece. Or you end up getting every person to create a drawing to share, like when we worked with Shannon Reynolds (and you can see those pictures here in a post from a few weeks ago!).

Anyway, collaborating is obviously great. As an extension of that, I’m also a really huge proponent of collaborating with … your own damn self.


You might know that in addition to being a dancer and choreographer and weirdo event organizer, I’m also a high school math teacher and music-maker. I swear to god that it’s not that I’m running around haphazardly doing these things poorly (I mean, I’m admittedly not the greatest drummer that’s ever been in One Happy Island), it’s that when I get into something, I get INTO IT.

The reason that I bring up my obsessive and unable-to-chill-out personality is that each interest/passion/job/etc has helped me to get better at each other thing that I do. So I’m planning to write a little series of posts about I’ve collaborated with my own self. I’m calling it: “How ____ makes me a better ____.”


Today, I want to talk about how DANCING makes me a better TEACHER. Dance is the thing I’ve done the longest, and teaching is currently the thing I do the most. Of course, dancing taught me about hard work, and got me to count to 8 a lot, and forced me to interact with people, all of which came in handy in my first 4 years of being a math teacher. But what I’d like to talk about here is what I have learned about the way (good and respectful) dance teachers treat their dance students.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Tunez!

This, as they usually are, is a song that I love.

I played it for my boyfriend the other night and he replied, "oh, THIS song."

You've probably heard it before, but may not be able to assign a name or an artist to it. It's "Ageless Beauty" and it's by Stars.

It's a big song, it's a filling song. It's sad without being unhappy and hopeful without being cheesy. Also it's really freaking pretty.

Enjoy! And have a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shopping in a Calamity - Rock Paper Scissors

If you ever have the good fortune of finding yourself in the small, scenic port side town of Wiscasset, Maine, I strongly emphasize the importance of a pitstop at Rock Paper Scissors. It's a cozy paper wonderland filled with all the things you've ever wanted for your home/office/home office, in all the colors of the wind. And you may just make a new friend while you're there.

Do not let any ferocious beasts deter you in your paper quest.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Friday Tunez - Sunday Edition!

This past Friday found me traveling from Maine back to Somerville with our friends, Luminarium Dance. Because we got a flat tire halfway home and Meghan surprised me with a secret visit from my long-distance boyfriend (woo!) I cruelly left you without a Friday tune.

I am, at the very least, the worst.

So while you're busy not laboring, here's a belated but heartfelt tune that I hope will soothe your end-of-summer woes. It's called "So It Goes" by local heroes The Grownup Noise.

Enjoy the tune and then catch The Grownup Noise bopping around the Camberville area whenever you possibly can. I'd like to give you a date, but my internet is being extremely childish right now. Go ahead and give them a follow on Twitter or a like on the Face-B and keep yourself updated!

Enjoy your Monday holiday, folks. Whatever you do, don't labor!