Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Tunez


Just me? Hope so. I hope everyone else is stunned that it is ALREADY the weekend again! HOW can this be?!

Anyway, here's a song I started listening to to impress a boy a long time ago. What other reason did collegiate girls have to listen to songs?

It was old then, and it's even older now. It's My Coco, by stellastarr*. 

Commence dancing around your bedroom. I certainly did.

Continue dancing around your bedroom. I certainly will.


Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Tunez

Happy April, Fools!

Enjoy this warm, buttery wonder from down under while you batten down your hatches in preparation for a lovely spring snow storm!

It's John Butler Trio's "Zebra" and I'm pretty sure I listened to it EVERY DAY during my tenure at BU. Listen to it once, and I'm confident you'll pick up a similar habit.

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Living in a Calamity - Shop Handmade!

Way back in September, in the beautiful warm, sunny, Summer's baby sister part of Fall, Meghan and I (with our pal Ray) sojourned over to Assembly Row, where our friends The Grownup Noise were playing a set in the lovely outdoor amphitheater.  We ate brie sandwiches and sipped iced coffee from Paul. We basked in the sun in the company of already warm friends.

It was pretty much the best day.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Tunez!

Fridays in September, man. I'll take 'em!

Here's a song I like. It could remind me of a boy [or two] but it doesn't. And I like it even more.

Limbeck with "Honk + Wave." Listen and feel great about yourself.

Enjoy this summery Septembery weekend!


Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Tunez!

Congrats to all of us for polishing off the first week of school.

Here's a song I've been meaning to share for a while, but life got in the way a bit.

This is a band that I found in the background of super weird house party at BU. Turns out this song was also featured in an episode of Scrubs...and it totally sounds that way, if you didn't already know it.

Voila! "Shadow" by The Southland

Imagine college Amy wistfully avoiding reading articles on occupational therapy in StuVi.

Have a great weekend, all!