Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ChEEky PoP - eShakti shirt at werk

Juuuuuuust about a month ago, we got the one of the coolest e-mail we've ever gotten. The lovely Jane of eShakti messaged us, inviting us (as they do with other bloggers) to review a product of theirs in exchange for telling all our friends about it. What followed was an early-morning flurry of text messages, in which we discussed the pros and cons of just about every item of clothing available on to blogger reviewers.

And there's good news for you -- they're offering our readers 10% off until November 6th. Just enter 'calamitycodance' as a promotional code when you check out.

eShakti has a large selection of dresses, skirts, tops, pants, blah blah blah, some of which are available to be reviewed. While this was exciting and the possibilities seemed endless, we agreed we wanted something that could cater to both of our personal styles. This required some deliberation, not only because we have our own distinct styles, but also because we are two different shapes. Somewhat fortuitously, we both discovered this shirt - excuse me, I mean "tile print chiffon blouse" - to be something that would work for both our bodies, as well as our styles. 

The COOLEST thing about eShakti is that you can custom order any and every item on their site. Not only can a top be tailored to your specific measurements, but you can change the sleeves, the neckline, or how low it falls on your hips. You can change the length of a dress or whether certain ornamentation is included or not. This part of the site is LITERALLY a dream come true. However, because we were trying to dress two different bodies, and also the shirt we agreed on seemed best as it was offered, we did not take advantage of this extremely cool detail.

We ordered on Day 1. Ten days later, we got an e-mail confirming shipment. Two days later, the box arrived. Not too shabby, all things considered!

So, you wanna know what we really think?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Be Lazy - weekend links

Hey everybody, it's the weekend! I know that some people like to be active on Saturday and Sunday, but I must admit that I'm still fairly busy with dance and I do a LOT of sleeping. In case you like to have a bit of time sitting on the couch as well, here are some links of things to look at online!

Free People - Desirable Shower Space
Since I started dancing with Jean Appolon Expressions, I've been taking lots of baths. There are a few ideas in here that would make those baths have a vibe that's as soothing to my brain as the hot water is to my muscles.

Podcast: Design Sponge - Create Content for Blogs
This is a podcast with a bit of basic information about putting material online. I'm a little obsessed with Design Sponge, so I'm happy to have some information about how it comes together.

Washington Post - Prison Debate Team
It's cool to learn about how people are able to continue learning while in prison.

Charge Up Introverts - Morning Routine
I'm always looking for things that can help me use my time in a more effective and happy way. I really like that this daily schedule includes making sure to connect with a particular person each day.

Podcast: You Made It Weird - Cameron Esposito
I listen to this podcast more than I should admit. I liked this episode because Cameron Esposito talks a lot about the effects of being a woman, and specifically a woman who dates women, on stage.

Daily Set Puzzle
I mentioned to Amy that I was making a list of links, and she suggested the Daily Set Puzzle. My grandma is the first person that introduced me to this game, which is how you can tell it's great.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Tunez!

Cheers to the close of another worky week! And a short one too. Weird to think it was just four days ago that Columbus discovered America. My, how the time does fly!

Anyway, I imagine that the lot of you have legions of cool things to do this weekend with cool people and in cool outfits. Cool! Enjoy that! My weekend, I'm intending, will be spent creating dance which, all things considered, isn't the least cool of the things I could do. 

For this weekend, here's a song I love that was introduced to me by someone who was very very dear, but after time and summers and grad school, has grown to find his way away. He played this song for me in the Summer of 2007, but even then to me, it had a very fall feel to it. Around here, it's feeling more like the summer than fall, but who's to take for granted a beautiful day?

Her name is Basia Bulat and the song is "In the Night." I hope you love it as much as I do!

Have a happy fall weekend!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Tunez!

Holy crap on toast, it's a long weekend, Batman!

Super awesome great!

Hope you're all doing something festive and worthy of a bank holiday. Me? I just used some glitter nail polish and am ready to make an appearance at an out-of-state wedding.

In case you're in need of some up-pumping, or just a tune to make you feel good, here's a super awesome great song that is a mainstay of my "getting ready" playlist. It's The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's "Heart Attack."


I know what you're thinking. Her name is Mette Lindberg. She is Danish. She is flawless. She is my spirit animal.

Have such an excellent weekend!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

how OT makes me a better DANCER

Inspired as I usually am by Meghan's insight and intellect, I thought I would do a self-collaboration post of my own. Ever since having joined the adult working world a few short years ago, I've determinedly made it my mission to maintain my job as just that, and not let it consume my life or be definitive of my person. However, even the cynical millennial hidden inside of me agrees that my job has altered the more cherished parts of my life in some really excellent ways.

In other words;