Calamity Co Dance has two main focuses: choreography and show production. 

When we choreograph and perform, our pieces tend to be light-hearted, involve their fair share of silly faces, and are built with live music, dialogue, and improv. Some of our favorite topics for dances are friendship and potatoes.

The other thing we do is organize performances. They're dance-heavy, but always include many other art forms, especially live music, comedy, and theater. We try to make an atmosphere that encourages people to enjoy art in whatever way they please to do so, rather than worrying about 'getting' it, as we know many non-dancers do at dance shows. The ticket-prices are low and there are always snacks.

We believe that everybody has something important to share artistically, and that art can be everywhere. And that art doesn't necessarily have to be 'serious' to be 'good.'

There are a ton of people involved in Calamity. Here are some of them:

AMY MASTRANGELO (co-director, blog moderator)

Came through the Dance Theatre Group at BU. Is an occupational therapist who teaches children just incredible things, such as how to use their hands if they couldn't on their own. Dances with Luminarium Dance. She makes dances that have an infectious energy and great spirit. Get in touch with her with any questions about the blog content. (twitter || instagram)

MEGHAN RILING (co-director, design + tech lady)

Also did the DTG thing (and therefore knows Amy). Is a math teacher. Played music in One Happy Island. She makes dances that are usually playful and involve flailing. She also maintains the technical and design aspects of Calamity's on and offline presence. (website || twitter || instagram)

MOLLY HESS (community outreach director, the brains and the brawn)

Majored in dance at St. Olaf College. She also dances with the Back Pocket Dancers. She makes dances that are story-oriented and connect crazy seeming ideas in a way that makes sense, and can create art pieces that get the audience thinking and dreaming. (instagram)

ROSE ABRAMOFF (improv guru, delightful human)

Yet another DTG alum! Rose dances with Amy in Luminarium Dance Company, and also studies mad science at BU. She is an inspiration to us all. Now she creates most of the final group improvisation pieces that close our shows, tying together dancers, musicians, and intriguing concepts like you always hoped to see.

MELISSA RILING (visual art director, monster)

Living between Brooklyn, Boston, and CT, Melissa is a talented fine artist, a vintage clothing seller and accessories maker at Red Riling, and a floral designer and event stylist at Turnip Floral. She styles Calamity events and finds visual artists to show their work. (Yes, this is Meghan's sister!) (instagram)

DANETTE KONKOLY (event stylist, decorations queen)

Danette has styled several Calamity events. She has a real knack for clever DIYs, bringing together simple supplies to create a darling and fun atmosphere. (instagram)



Rossella Calabrese
Tyler Catanella
Jess Chang
Cassandre Charles
Christin Collins
Alicia Condon
Stephany Lin
Audrey MacLean
Katie McGrail
Lillian Medville
Marissa Molinar
Gracie Novikoff
McKersin Previlus
Anna Reyes
Juliana Reynolds
Jennifer Roberts
Natalie Schiera
Ellie Valliere


Liz Anaya - violinist and much more
Zayde Buti - music/performance art
The Colors Run - band
Connector - instrumental band
Scott Danek - electronic music
Greg Hum - drums
Sam Mulligan - chip music with guitar
Brian Hayman - acoustic guitar and voice
Brad San Martin - indie pop
Ben Simon and the Simon Brothers - band
Mike Simonelli - live music and video
Ponyfish - band


Nicole Beauchaine - film/visual art
Matt Chaves - comedian
Brandi Diaz - film
Chaylin Diaz - spoken word
Amber Duntley - needlework
Wes Hazard - comedy
Jennie Kilduff - drama
Danette Konkoly - visual art, styling

Emily Laverdiere - music/comedy
Ana Linares - family history tarot cards
Dorothy Louisos - contortion, visual artist
Andrew Mayer - comedy
Shannon Reynolds - visual art
Kristina Spinney - drama