COMING UP                                                                                

This will be a night of solo performances and conversations with the artists. Join us at Make Shift Boston in the South End to meet new people, chat about art, and enjoy the dance, theater, and music!

The performing artists will include Liz Anaya, Tyler Catanella, Kelley Donovan, Matt Dray, Amy Mastrangelo, Jennifer Roberts, and Mike Simonelli.

The show starts at 8pm on August 22nd at Make Shift Boston, at 549 Columbus Ave, Boston. There will be a suggested donation of $10. We will sell tickets at the door, or you can reserve your ticket in advance here with our eventbrite post.

PAST EVENTS                                                                             

Dance Museum

May 30th, 5-7pm, Union Square
The Somerville Arts Council and Calamity are presenting an ArtsUnion event -- a Dance Museum! It will take place in Union Square. 

Tyler Catanella*
Kara Fili
Nikki Girroir*
Merli V. Guerra*
Kimberleigh A. Holman*
Amy Mastrangelo*
Gracie Novikoff+
Jarid Polite*
Natalie Schiera+
Ellie Valliere
Tara Weaver

*Luminarium Dance Company

+Nozama Dance Collective

Cambridge Open Studios

May 10th 1-5pm, Out of the Blue Gallery
We'll be showing some older works, some works in progress, some games, some improv! It's going to be casual, fun, and fantastic. Come play!

April 4th - Aeronaut Brewing Company in Union Square


Rosella Calabrese (dance)
Cassandre Charles (dance)
Costasis Arts Collective (dance)
Dr. Bones' Circus of Marvels (sideshow)
Andrew Eckel (music)
Molly Hess (dance)
Amyko Ishizaki (dance)
Stephany Lin (dance)
Amy Mastrangelo (dance and music)
Meghan Riling (dance and music)
Kristina Spinney (theater)

November 8th - Democracy Center in Harvard Square


Rose Abramoff (dance)
Liz Anaya (music)
Amy Mastrangelo (dance, music)
Lillian Medville (dance)
Paradise Lost (dance)
Meghan Riling (dance, music)
Melissa Riling (painting, floral design)
Mike Sim (music, video)
Ellie Valliere (dance)
Molly Hess (dance)
Cassandre Charles (dance)
Alicia Condon (dance)
Emily Laverdiere (musical comedy)
Stephany Lin (dance)

August 22nd - Third Life Studio in Somerville, MA


Amy, Meghan, and Molly
Zayde Buti (music)
Matt Chaves (comedy)
Audrey MacLean (dance)
Katie McGrail (dance)
Marissa Molinar (dance)
Sam Mulligan (music)
McKersin Previlus (dance)
Chaylin Williams (poetry)

August 16th - outdoor dance museum with Art City Cambridge

August 1st - flash mob with Art City Cambridge

June 28th, 2014 - Democracy Center (Harvard Square)


Rose Abramoff (dance)
Nicole Beauchaine (guitar sculpture)
Katelyn Beaudoin (visual art)
Jess Chang (dance)
Cassandre Charles (dance)
Brandi Diaz (film)
Jacqui DiGenio (visual art)
Wes Hazard (comedy)
Molly Hess (calamity)
Greg Hum (music)
Jennie Kilduff (theater)
Dorothy Louisos (visual art)
Amy Mastrangelo (calamity)
Sam Mulligan (music)
Anna Reyes (dance)
Meghan Riling (calamity)
Melissa Riling (florals, design)
Jennifer Roberts (dance)
Ben Simon (music)
Kristina Spinney (theater)
Scott Danek (music)

April 25th 26th, 2014 - WOW Cafe Theatre (NYC)



Curet Dance
Emma DeGrand
Michael Dylan Ferrara       
Luis Grande
Brian Hayman
Ricardo Lorenzo
Christina Morris
Melissa Riling
Gaelle Voltaire


Theresa Conlan
Jenna DelConte
Katrina De Wees
LaTeek Huggins
LJ Leach
Hazel Lever
Stephanie Pena
Patrick Quinn
Judith Shimer