Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Washi-ing all over the place

It's overly adorable and grossly trendy and a cheap way to get some pinterest points*, but I have been using an obscene amount of washi tape. First just on my apartment walls. Then on my walls at work. Then on other objects in both locations. Most recently I have affixed it to my person.

Wire used to be my go-to material for attaching things to each other. In an ambitious moment, I might sew something. I was a little anti-tape because I didn't want to have to hide something that wasn't so good-looking. Now that tape is good-looking, I'm overdoing it a bit. Oh well.

(Also I must admit that several of my rolls are scotch tape brand. They sell them at Staples and sometimes I have to go there for work and ... my willpower is all used up from being a vegetarian. (That's just a joke; meat is gross. (But it's fine if you like it of course.)))

Here are some of the ways I've used my patterned, sticky paper over the last few weeks.

We wanted to have business cards and we wanted them REALLY SOON. I'm not trying to wait for people to ship things to me. We found little colored cards at a crafts store, printed out the text we wanted, and then just taped things together. (If you try anything like this, I'll note that glue doesn't work so well with printer paper, so I recommend just going with the tape.)

Grab some twine, a marker, and some paper. Making these lists and putting them up on the wall gets me to be so much more productive. Using a satisfying marker is very important. Then you get a moment of aesthetic bliss when you're doing your chores.

Paint your nails, cut out neat sections of tape, put them on your nails, and then load up on the clear nail polish. (Here's a tip: I had an issue with my stripes. Since the edges went to the edges of my nails, they couldn't get fully sealed by the clear nail polish and they snagged a bit on things and got loose.)

I stole this idea. It's from here. (I'm not quite as advanced as that genius woman.) The inside is where the washi tape shines -- I separated the notebook into 4 sections and marked the first page of each with tape. Much better than owning 4 notebooks, or shoving 4 different things haphazardly into one.

So, as I have announced in a Calamity sketch, "I am a high school math teacher." Meaning I'm in charge of a rather large space that's used by 100 fairly clueless people on a daily basis. It's been a huge mess til this year when I finally bought some boxes. These labels help so much. Except that sometimes kids will put rulers ON TOP of the ruler box. gahahhhahhh.
I do think that making a cute label is more helpful than scrawling on in a permanent marker. It sends a message that I'm actively caring for the space. This year, I really have noticed students treating things better, and I think that putting in little touches like this helped a lot.

So. This is how I spend my time. Just in case you wanted to know.


*I admit to knowing nothing about pinterest.