Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekday Inspiration: Brunch

So, this is today;

It was a drizzly/snowy, wet and cold, rather-be-in-bed-with-hot-chocolate kind of day in Camberville today. While I know that there is always reason to find beauty in dank, dismal and gross days, today did not provide any artistic spark for me. (However, I was noticeably productive at work, so days like today certainly have their place!)


I'm loving, lately, finding art in very boring mundane commonplace things. Art, in any of its forms, doesn't need to be a lightening bolt of exquisite concept or deep, heavy, subconscious musings. I like to walk down the street and see art in a front porch, an archway, patio furniture. You get the idea. I believe that art finds you, presents itself to you. It's the job of the artist to not look for it, but rather, be open and ready for it when it emerges.  For me, inspiration can come in a million forms, most of which have absolutely nothing to do with dance. Inspiration is the child of anything emotive - things that make you feel good, bad, or my personal favorite, aware.

Even though today is Monday, I'd like to touch upon my favorite Sunday institution: brunch. Brunch caters to two of my favorite non-dance hobbies; namely, sleeping late and eating food. I feel like we're in this funny, but funny in an awesome way, sort of place in our personhood currently, where if you're going to hang out with a friend, you don't do drinks, you don't do coffee, you do BRUNCH. This is an excellent take on the classic concept of brunch, provided you feel secure enough with your company to mow face on both breakfast and lunch foods concurrently.

And so my friends, one of my most thorough current inspirations is;

The greater Camberville area is RIPE with happening hot spots for day time, night time, lunch time and brunch time. Tupelo is a small, but cozy spot in Inman Square with a Southern-tipped menu that satisfied both the herbivores and omnivores in our party. We got an order of biscuits to share. I suggest you do the same.

Other local favorite include;

Soundbites (obviously. If you've HEARD of Somerville, you've heard of Soundbites. The line is never as long as it looks.) My favorite is the "Ole" omelette, which has salsa, black beans, cheese, sour cream and MOST importantly, a toasted corn muffin and delicious hash browns on the side. Coffee is self-serve, which I like because that's how I do it at my house.

Highland Kitchen (brunch starts at 11, get there BEFORE THEN.) I'm hugely biased because Highland Kitchen is one of my favorite places in the world, never mind brunch-destinations. The menu is excellent; whatever you get, make sure you get a pancake on the side. It is the right choice. Around midway through their brunch service, a live bluegrass band sets up shop in the corner. You feel cool. It sounds cool. And you're eating your face off. It's a win-win-win!

Here's a shot from Remedy Diner, in New York City. I was eating there, turned my head to the left and was instantly mesmerized by the neat, simple, and almost retro-y feel of the joint. Art is everywhere; you just have to look up from your omelette every now and then!

There's more to art than brunch (though not much.) I don't know that I will make a dance about pancakes (I'd certainly be interested to watch!) but for me, having something simple, something regular to look forward to and to savor, puts me in the correct mindset to make dance, to make art, and enjoy them both that much more. With that said, I will away valiantly to even MORE local brunch spots to further feed my artistic fire. It is a sacrifice I am willing to make.