Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesdays in a Calamity - Harem Pants

If you read Meghan's last post (which you obviously did, three times over) you noticed two things right off the bat.

And while I could go on for days about the attractiveness that is Meghan's face, I'd like to elaborate a bit on the excellent pants that we see sheathing Meghan's magnificent bottom (which is another source of inspiration for me, but that too is for another day.)

Meghan, as we notice, is wearing extremely hip harem pants. It's hard to tell due to the impressive and professional-grade shading and coloring of this photo, but hers are a sort of red color with black squiggles and designs upon them. I know this for a fact because I was with her when she bought them, and more over, because I bought the same model in white.

For me, harem pants are a bit of a challenge; a dare if you would. They are out of my fashion comfort zone because they are, well, different. Even on the slightest, tightest of bodies they can present themselves as a full diaper from the back. Worn well, however, I think the silhouette is eye catching, exciting and pretty damn sexy. I don't think this effect depends on the cut of the body, but rather, the cut of the pants themselves. The CROTCH of the pants themselves. Basically, if the crotch is too high, you run the risk of wearing pajama pants that no tribal print can redeem. If the crotch is at your knees, you're bordering on penguin status.

Favorite movie, great dance sequence, cutting-edge 1964 technology, but not the goal here.

While I'm clearly no expert on the subject, I have been admiring the gaul of harem-panting fashionistas for the last few months. I bought my first pair over the summer, which was met with much lauded approval from my artsy female dance friends, and some significant protest from my boyfriend.

My second attempt (which, as of press time, my boyfriend does not currently know about) was the pair I bought with Meghan. As I've learned over the years, if Meghan Riling is doing it, it's worth trying (a philosophy that guides me in just about every realm of my life.) Meghan was savvy and debuted her pair in the blustery north with a pair of thermal tights underneath. I had the good fortune to take a trip to Florida this past weekend, and was able to strut mine in more agreeable weather.

The very unflattering photo that I sent to Meghan on Sunday morning.

Worn with a white Brandy Melville tank, my stand-by denim shirt (purchased as a PacSun employee roughly one million years ago) and cheap (but comfy!) coral plimsolls, I felt pretty okay. I felt that the minimalism of my shirt(s) and my shoes offset both the busy pattern and exotic cut of the pants. When my brother called me M.C. Hammer, I knew I had made the right choice.

I'm really looking forward to delving more deeply into the world of harem pants, especially as the weather gets warmer and the footwear options expand. I'm tempted (and you should be too) to sojourn to Forever 21. While I don't necessarily support their business model, they offer a variety of the pants for cheap cheap cheap, which is ideal if you're not ready to make a grown-up fashion commitment just yet.

Prancing out of my fashion comfort zone is a fun and safe way to experiment with art in everyday life. Coupling cuts and colors, patterns and lines is like stretching your creative muscles on the canvas that is your own body. It's also an enlightening way to look at your body, and learn what makes you look (and feel!) good.

So here's to taking fashion-forward risks, which may or may not resemble a Calamity.