Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weekday Calamity - IT.

So Calamity friends, I did something that I recommend you all start doing more often. I took Meghan Riling's advice. And in so doing, I found myself with a copy of Alexa Chung's book, "IT."

I want you to read me like one of your French girls.

The book itself is hardly that. It's filled with photos, doodles, sources of inspiration and sweet-tartly quips about Alexa Chung and her likes, hobbies, friends, and admirations. I rue the day that I am such an iconic figure that I can make a picture book of the things I like. And no, no one ever gets sick of a model talking about the parts of herself that she finds awkward or describes how disheveled she looked that one time.

 But seriously, I'm loving this book and so I'm reading it very, very slowly. It's my Saturday morning treat to myself as, though I've been out of the retail game for a few years now, sleeping in and lolling about on Saturday mornings still feels very special to me.

I like this book because it is an opportunity to see the world, the very same world that I see, through someone else's perspective. I suppose one could argue that ANY book could accomplish that, but this book is written so candidly, so honestly, that you could easily be having this conversation with Alexa Chung, your BFF, as you two sat eating pizza and jalapeno poppers without plates over your heat-stained second-hand coffee table. It's a book that, and I mean this in a good way, doesn't require you to think. You look at pictures, read a few words, and are reminded of things in the world that are pretty, cool, and pretty cool.

 I highly recommend checking it out! You can even borrow my copy, if you like. And, if I may be so bold, readers of the great unknown...what should be my next Saturday morning treat? I mean bookwise, not just going back to sleep for the day, since it's Saturday after all.

 Love and Literature,