Thursday, April 24, 2014

If I can make it here...

Guys! We're in New York! It's real! It's happening! And there's no turning back!

I say this because I am writing this post live from the WOW Cafe Theater. We've been here just about all day (with the exception of a brief break for pierogis, of course) and we're amping ourselves up for spending the next two days here.

Our day started with some real-life Tetris. We did some big, burly, heavy lifting to create a space that was both inviting, supportive, and non life-threatening.

Here's an example of something that is completely safe.

As the day wears on we're meeting more and more of the artists with whom we had previously only known through e-mail. At the risk of sounding extremely immature [and amateur,] it is pretty surreal to watch this all come together. To see these artists/people in real life and to know that they want to be a part of our project/process/production is something I can only describe as THE COOLEST THING EVER.

I know I speak for all of us when I preemptively say how grateful I am to to the WOW Cafe Theater, to Fresh Peach Dance, and to each and every one of these fabulous artists/performers who are crawling out of the NYC creative woodwork to put this weekend together. Oh and also to Veselka. Because you know, pierogis.

It's reassuring to me, as a dancer, a choreographer, a "director" and just as a nice person, to see that there are people everywhere that just want to perform, to share their art with whomever is willing to watch, and that want to be a part of collaborative experiences...such as ours.

Cheers to everyone, which is topical as we still have a few hours left of tech responsibilities and Meghan's sister just brought us beeeeeeeeahs, kehd.