Thursday, June 26, 2014

Numero Seis: Arriba y arriba!

In case us and everyone we know blasting it all over the internet and the metro Camberville area wasn't enough, I will delicately remind you that Calamity #6 is THIS very Saturday, June 28th at 8pm at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square.

::thunderous applause because you already know and are already excited and OHHH EMMM GEEEE::

So instead of reposting, for the one zillionth time, our flier for the show or Meghan, Molly and I on the cover of the Dig, I thought it would be more suitable to further entice you with what to EXPECT at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square at 8pm on June 28th.

Oh, who am I kidding?
Thanks, Zoe Mylonas for the kick-ass photo! We had a blast with you!

Okay but really now, click through to read about our INCREDIBLE performers!

First of all, returning for his second Calamity appearance is our dear, darling and supremely handsome friend, Sam Mulligan. Here's what he looks like as of June 20th, performing at Bull McCabe's in Union Square!
Isn't he the MOST?

Oh, but you were additionally wondering what he sounded like? And were interested in knowing more about his mannerisms during a performance? Okay, I can accommodate this significant interest.

Sam puts on a great show while simultaneously charming the pants off of you - so wear a belt!

Additionally, our contortionist friend Dorothy Louisos is performing with us again! 

File Photo
Ok juuuuuuust kidding. Here's Dar;
This is how she sleeps.
HOWEVER! Dorothy, being the multi-talented lady that she is (you may remember her balloon animals from Calamity #4) she will actually be displaying some of her incredibly cool paintings! Dorothy paints pixelated images - a painstaking and high attention-to-detail task that creates a really spectacular and unique result. You're gonna be impressed and excited; she's gonna be halfway through a tennis racket.

Wes Hazard, who probably has the most diesel name of all of our performers will be making his Calamity debut! We met Wes back at the James Bond-themed show we did at Weirdo Records in April. He was engaging,witty, and entertaining...and in spite of all this, we invited him to perform at a Calamity. (Hi-YUK!)

Because Wes hasn't performed with us before, I don't have any creepy stalkerish images of him. So I will tastefully and tactfully send you to his website, here. If you're not totally into the click-through, I promise he's a good-lookin' guy.

I will tell you that some of our favorite dance friends are returning to our stage once again with some really intriguing improv work, as well as some structured pieces. Some theatrical friends will, once again be DRAMATIC. If you're new to our scene, this is pretty much what to know; everyone is our friend and they all do cool things worth watching, teaser or no!

So while we usually offer a night filled exclusively with performances (and that is still true) we're cutting that portion a bit shorter than normal so that we can share our space with several other visual artists who will be displaying (and selling!) their work in a gallery-style format. After the dancin' and the jokin' and the singin', you'll be able to eat and chat [as always] but while looking at like FIVE TIMES MORE ART THAN USUAL.* Awesome? AWESOME!

And even BETTER? A band will be jamming while this is happening. A not mandatory but strongly encouraged dance party may take place...and I HATE the phrase "dance party," so for me to use it, it really means something. Furthermore, Tango Democracy is planning their own event later in the evening, and has agreed to let our attendees join in on their lesson and subsequent dancing.

It's gonna be a REALLLLLLLLLLLY incredible night guys. We'll have snacks, as per always, but if you bring something to share, you save a cool $4. Sweet! (Or Savory! We do it all.)

Oh, you're not completely enticed? Prepare to be.


*I completely pulled this number out of my bee-hind. There's definitely a lot more visual artists than usual, but I can't multiply percentages or exponents or integers. What do I look like, Meghan Riling? I WISH.