Sunday, June 1, 2014

School Nights in a Calamity - featuring music by The Flatmates!

Last Wednesday,  we did a very naughty thing.

We WENT (left our homes) to a CONCERT VENUE (the Middle East Upstairs) and PARTOOK IN FESTIVITIES (drank beeahs) and REVELRY (grooved to some sweet tunes.)

Meghan, mid-groove.

Molly, being cute. Rocker, being present.

Stock Photo: Me, trying on new glasses the day after the show.  

Repeat: this all happened on a Wednesday night.

And I've been overtired ever since, which is why it has taken me until Sunday to report back on it.

Anyhue, we went to see The Flatmates, which Wikipedia tells me, are an indie pop group from the UK that formed in the 80s, released several popular singles, but broke up in 1989 before they ever released a proper studio album.

However, all that information is irrelevant as the more reliable, more beautiful, and more evidenced-based Meghan Riling had told me that we ought to go see this show, as she had met several of The Flatmates on a recent dalliance to the UK. If Meghan suggests you go see something, then it is something worth seeing.

And true enough, it was! The group was lively, enthusiastic, and very very fun. The Flatmates are fronted by a red-headed, gold shorts-wearing siren whose lunch table I desperately would have wanted to sit at...still would accept an invitation

Brian, the drummer, didn't properly make it into this photo. His mad beats though reside in our hearts.  Cheers to Rocker, on the keys, whose welcome to the states came in the form of rainy, rush hour traffic from DC to BOS.

I especially liked The Flatmates' performance because yes, it was musically riveting and exciting...but also their set ended promptly at midnight. As they conceded, "we don't know any more songs."

Anyway. Will I make a habit of staying out to the wee hours of the morning on a school night? Maybe not. But I will make a habit of listening to more of The Flatmates. And you should too! Here's "Happy All The Time," the song that started their set and kickstarted my rock'n'roll heart.

Sex, drugs, and you get the point.