Thursday, July 17, 2014

ChEEky PoP - Neckwear and Graphics sittin in a tree!

As much as I'd like to think I'm a fashion risk-taker, I'm not. I'm really not. But one thing I've been experimenting with lately (and, that I know of, no one has run screaming from me when I do it) is pairing big, baubly statement necklaces with run-of-the-mill graphic tees. While usually you expect to see these jewelry pieces as a PoP! of color or bling used to dress up or make more interesting anything from work tops to wedding guest dresses (also to cover up cleavage, as necessary), I'm ill-advised to wear jewelry to work and I don't go to that many weddings. Plus, these gems are PURDY and I wanna show 'em off!

And so voila! I found myself wearing regular-old t-shirts with some elaborate neckwear.

I'm also considering table-cloth inspired t-shirts as "graphic," here. My 6.5-years of retail experience tells me otherwise, but soooooometimes it's right now!
Remember to always take your selfies from the least-flattering angle possible.

A necklace makes it possible to dress a little bit like a 14-year-old boy and still maintain your ladylike poise.

And now for something a little bit blingy-er.
Last living photo of my rosemary plant =(

And when you have a little color...why not add more?
Paying homage to the Queen of Color herself.

Even if a piece isn't shiny, but it's just sorta big and gaudy...that works for me too.
Meanwhile, Josh explores an ultra-minimalist look.

So the next time you're rocking your favorite band tee (or teenage you's favorite band tee!) go ahead and top it off with something glittery and/or colorful. Why not? Who knows what the day's gonna bring, and if the Queen of England pops by, you're gonna want to be equipped with something slightly more formal.

Even Meghan has jumped on board, which is reason enough to do it.
Aaaaaaand it's a DIY necklace. OBVIOUSLY.
Stay ChEEky!

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