Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ChEEky PoP! - Shopping in a Calamity!

What's the one thing better than wearing extremely cute outfits?


And that's what we did on a recent trip to dear old Salem, Massachusetts. Yes, home of the witches, but also home to me (Amy!) prior to moving to Somerville.

Modern Millie, located on Central Street in the heart of Salem's downtown district, is, among other things, freaking adorable. They are a vintage and consignment boutique specializing in modern looks, as well as fashion from the 70s and earlier.

Store front, complete with extremely sweet and well-accessorized store manager, Heather!

The shop itself is quaint, and yet bursting at the seams with color, minute detail, and retro sounds. I liken walking into Modern Millie to walking into Frenchie's bedroom during the sleepover scene in Grease; before Sandy gets all emotional because Rizzo is the worst and it's just a couple of girls having a time.

Anyway, my advice is thus; don't go to Modern Millie looking for anything particular, but do go expecting to find something great. I really like the balance of consigned as well as new items. On this trip, I strutted out with a pair of brand new casual summer wedges. On previous trips, I have snagged everything from hats and socks (new) to a quite retro pair of ivory (maybe?) bracelets. Speaking of, the new, used and yes, homemade jewelry selection is absolutely spectacular. 

But a smattering of brooches and pins. 

Modern Millie is a great place to find your next great outfit. Or to polish up ones that you already have.

These match every dress Meghan owns.

Please come visually merchandize my life. 

I find it, overall, to be a really inspiring place. If you're looking to kickstart your wardrobe, or just your tastes in fashion, Modern Millie mannequins are dressed to the nines in fun, quirky outfits that would also actually look quite good on a person and not just a body form.

You could TOTALLY pull that off!
I suddenly feel confident about wearing a sun hat!
So the next time you're up in Salem, make sure to breeze through Modern Millie. Your wardrobe, and the 50s soda shop teen hiding inside of you will thank you. And if the journey up there is too much, I'll be glad to make it with you! (Provided that you're okay with me talking about why I love absolutely everything about Salem and dragging you out to the lighthouse.)

Can here?

Stay ChEEky,