Friday, August 22, 2014

Calamity #7 - program!

1. "Act 1, Scene 4: this one is not easy" 

       a dance by Katie McGrail and Audrey MacLean
       music: "We Can Dance If We Want To" by Men Without Hats, "Malambo" by Tremor

2. Matt Chaves 

       a comedian! (twitter || facebook)

3. Excerpts from "Foreseen Circumstances"

    a dance by Marissa Molinar and McKersin Previlus
    poetry by Chaylin Williams
    music: "Hunger" by Flying Lotus

4. Zayde Buti 

    a musician!

5. "Break-Up Suite"

       songs and choreography by Meghan Riling
       dancers: Amy Mastrangelo (twitter || instagram)
       guitar: Sam Mulligan

6. "Swoop"

       some songs originally recorded by Snoop Dog and Taylor Swift
       performed by Amy Mastrangelo (twitter || instagram) and Meghan Riling

7. "Wall Art"

       visual art concept: Shannon Reynolds
       music: we'll decide at the last possible second
       visual artists: the audience!
       dancers: Rossella (Oscy) Calabrese, Amy Mastrangelo (twitter || instagram), Katie McGrail, and Meghan Riling

Queen of Decorations

Danette Konkoly

August 22nd, 2014
Third Life Studio
Union Square, Somerville, MA

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