Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Tunez!

BEST NEWS EVER. Calamity favorite Zayde Buti is making an immense return to our humble stage at Calamity #7 (:ahem: August 22nd! :ahem:) Oh, you're wondering how dreamy he is?

File photo.
So it's only natural this Friday belong to him!

Here's a fan favorite; one that will get your toes tapping and you and your friends singing in public. It's "Dustin Pedroia Hydrates Natural-l-y," and it's worth all two minutes and five seconds...if not maybe an encore of a second click.

Zayde writes imaginative and infectious music that can forever alter his listener's perceptions of something as seemingly mundane as a raisin. Or, of course, coconut water. 

Enjoy this tune, and get to clickin' around Zayde's fan page. And of course, see him live and handsome on August 22nd at Third Life Studios!

Stay hydrated, natural-l-y!

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