Thursday, August 21, 2014

Introducing our DIY Queen

Hey guys! Meet my roommate, Danette! She is the coolest! The reason I chose her over the other people who were interested in my open room is that she told me that as her way of decorating for the holidays, she giftwrapped the removable shelves of her bookshelf. Who could be better?!

Also she was a baker for a little while, which is also a very excellent quality in a roommate.

It turns out that Danette is also a very talented artist. I haven't seen too much of her work, but here are a few things that she has put up on her instagram.

Back in March, Danette did an amazing job transforming the space for Calamity #5. Even when I royally screwed something up, she dashed off to the craft store and not only fixed what I messed up, but also bought all these feathers and created a whole new display.

Needless to say, when she texted me to say that she was feeling creative and wanted to know if she could make some stuff for Calamity #7, I was pretty jazzed. And she has been making so many amazing things! She's got sticks, yarn, gold glitter paint, neon pink cord, fake flowers, gold spray paint, and about a million other things. Here she is, hard at work:

If you're all very nice children, she might even do some DIYs in the next couple of weeks. For now, check out some shots of what she's got cookin':

It's all looking pretty amazing. Come check out the show tomorrow night! Amy might play a snare drum. Some new dancers who haven't ever performed on a Calamity stage will be there. Sam and Meghan will play some songs together. Yeah!


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