Thursday, August 14, 2014

Name that Vacation!

I recently had the good fortune of going on a luxurious, albeit somewhat controversial vacation. Rather than tell you all about it, I thought I might share some of my photos and see if anyone can guess what beautiful, beautiful place I was lucky enough to enjoy.

I selected photos taken at four different locations that are all a part of this greater place that I visited. See if you can identify any of these Mystery Locations and post your guess in the comments section. I'll post the great reveal on Saturday!

Mystery Location A

Mystery Location A

Mystery Location A

Mystery Location B

Mystery Location B

Mystery Location C

Mystery Location D

Mystery Location D

I had a great time, and cannot go back to visit these lovely, mysterious locations!

Okaaaaay, so. The secret is out!

Yes, so all of these photos were taken around the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

Far too many people grown-ups are quick to scoff a trip to Disney. Me, I would rather find the pretty things to appreciate...and I was not for want of those!

Hope you enjoyed playing! What are your preferred photogenic vacation spots?! Let us know in the comments section below!

Happy vacating,


  1. Mystery location D has a very southern vibe. Great pics here!

    :) Semirah

    1. Thanks so much! And you're certainly right, as we were in Florida! Specifically at the Grand Floridian Resort. Thanks for dropping by! <3

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