Monday, October 27, 2014

In Progress - Calamity #8

We had rehearsal this afternoon and it was awesome!! We're working on a few pieces for the November 8th show.

First, Rose Abramoff and Liz Anaya came to put together the group improv that will end the night. Rose is creating an improv score for the dancers, Liz is playing music, and I'm sending emails to people, one of the greatest artistic skills. Rose has made a bunch of scores for Calamities over the last couple of years. Liz is new to the crew -- I met her when I performed at Erich Haygun's Cheap Seats this summer, and was immediately taken by her soaring violin. The three of us got together last week to start chatting about the piece. They're both so flexible and open to each other's ideas in the piece they were making.

Today, we were joined by Stephany, Lillian, and Amy. I love that these are ladies I've met in all different places, but they're all down to just do weird dance stuff on a moment's notice. Rose brought a few ideas to play with, including a few phrases, a few ways to mess with those phrases, and a few improv games. Liz started off playing based on what she saw us doing. I freakin' love dancing to her music. She did an amazing job capturing and advancing our energy.

Afterwards, Amy and I reviewed the piece that she's making for the show. It's super fun. It involves a very energetic song, some wilted bouncing, and loads of deadpan.

There's one very important artistic task left: perfecting our ukulele cover! Stay tuuuuned, but more importantly, come to the show! There will be so many truly excellent artists there.


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