Friday, December 26, 2014

Weekend links

I hope that people who celebrate holidays have been enjoying them! Amy's down in Florida visiting her nephew (and her brother and her sister-in-law), and I'm at my parents' place in Connecticut for a few days. Time off is definitely an upside to working in the public school system. It means I have time to do loads of grading, being sick and unable to move, and Calamity stuff that I can't usually get to. I also get to actually get enough sleep, which brings me to my first link...

Washington Post - No, You're Not Sleeping Enough
It's very of-the-moment to be into healthy eating (or maybe I just hang out with healthy people), and I hope that healthy sleep habits catch on, too. My inner trend-caster tells me they might, as people connect the healthy eating and the work-life balance points of focus.

Lillian's Test Kitchen - Crispy Carrots that Can Get It
Speaking of hanging out with healthy people, I hang out with Lillian, and she's really healthy. She's also adorable, as you already know if you've been to one of our shows in which that she has danced or told a corny joke, and will soon find out if you watch this video. Anyway, I'm definitely going to make these carrots while school's out for winter break.

The Atlantic - How Self-Tracking Apps Exclude Women
About a month ago, a group of students at my school asked if I would help them out by being the advisor of a feminism club. I was extremely on board. Having to explain to many people at school (a) that dudes can be feminists, too and (b) that there is in fact a reason we say 'feminist' instead of 'equalist' has re-opened my eyes to the countless insidious ways in which our world is set up for men. I thought this article about seemingly innocuous self-tracking apps was a good example.

After the Jump (Design Sponge Podcast) - Changing Pay Rates for Creatives
I love this interview. Money is something we definitely never have enough of inside of Calamity, as we wish to be able to include all people in our audiences and also respect the years of training that have led to our artists' performances. It was interesting to hear about these topics from people in other fields.

With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus
This is a fairly new podcast with a bizarre and excellent concept. Each week, a different comedian comes and creates a fake podcast of which they are the host. Lauren Lapkus, as one of her many characters, always plays the guest. You'll know her if you ever listen to other podcasts on the Earwolf network, or if you recall the lady prison guard from Orange is the New Black.

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