Saturday, May 9, 2015

Calamity #9 - here are some pics!

We had SO MUCH FUN at Calamity #4! There were a lot of Calamity newbies, both on the stage and in the crowd. Aeronaut Brewing Co was an amazing host. Beer does seem to make people a little more enthusiastic about modern dance. And my goodness! There were just so goshdarn many people there. Thank you to everybody for coming and making it such a special night.

Here are some pics of the many wonderful performers. If you want more, there are about a million in this album on facebook.

Thanks so very much to Matt McKay for taking all these amazing pictures.

Gabi, being a divine presence.

Dr. Bones about to get locked up.

Due to the fact that Matt is Meghan's boyfriend, there were many pictures taken of her.

Terina is on a whole other level.

Here Meghan is sampling the Aeronaut wares while Amy does important things.

Amyko reminded us why we like her dancing so very much.

Andrew blowing our minds with a light, a printer, and a cellist.
Jonah making beautiful music.

Dr. Bones' Circus of Marvels luckily brought a ton of swords.

Cassandre, being an absolute treasure.

Here's Dorothy just casually popping her entire body through a tiny hoop.

Kristina riveting us with a Walking Dead monologue.

Terina and Gabi were pure magic!!

Molly's Bunny Hop!! Thanks to the audience members that hopped in.

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