Monday, June 1, 2015


For the improv games in the dance museum, we made up a playlist of all sorts of summery and delightful songs. Some are old favorites that we've used before, and some are new finds that I've picked up over the last coupla months.

We thought you might be interested in checking them out!


Here's a link to a playlist of all the songs on Spotify: PLAYLIST!


And here are links to them on youtube in case that's what you're into:

Cayucos by Cayucas (our opening song)

Whistle by Sporto Kantes (our closing song)

Gasoline by Alpine (video with modern dancers!)

All the Time by Bahamas

Caught Me Thinking by Bahamas

We Are Golden by Mika

Waiting by the Telephone by Bleached

Parentheses by The Blow

Take the Kids Off Broadway by Foxygen

Koop Island Blues by Koop (also in this Dear Move entry)

Come to Me by Koop

Hydra Fancies by Of Montreal

Bill Murray by Gorillaz

You Came Out of a Lady by Rubblebucket

And here is a picture of what we looked like after dancing to all these songs multiple times right in the burning sun!

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