Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome to the Rodeo

A calamity, in so many words or less, is what happens when things get screwy.

We've taken that concept and applied it to the cold, unforgiving world of modern dance.

Our approach to dance is simple - let's make dance that is shook up, broke down, inside out, right side in, and left on top. Easy to watch, easy to enjoy.

Dance shouldn't be about making your audience feel stupid...it should be able having STUPID FUN with your audience. And so we go from there.

OH! And very important, we should mention -the "Co." in "Calamity Co." We started this whole production under the notion that we are friends who want to share our passions and talents. Then we realized that we have OTHER friends whose passions and talents we also want to share. Co = COLLABORATE. Our projects are the fused efforts of fellow dancers, actors, musicians and comedians who either have something to say, or have nothing to say and just want to put on a show.

Still just a few month's shy of Calamity's inception, we're starting this blog as another means to reach out to the world as dancers. Modern dance is still a scary place for ...most of the world... but it is a beautiful, wonderful thing that is meant to be shared and experienced...and enjoyed!

HOW RUDE OF ME. Here I am with all my "we's" and "our's" and I haven't even introduced us. We are...




So, as if our beauty was not enough to entice your attention and patronage, stay tuned for videos, pictures, and notices of LIVE SHOWS. Yes that's right, already adoring fans, you'll get to meet us live and in person. We're swell company, too. We're well-read, great listeners and know enough about pop culture to make nicely-timed topical jokes and puns. We're the types that bring food to your event, even when you told us you had everything under control. I just know we'll be the best of friends.

In this blog we'll be sharing choreography, pieces-in-production, performance reviews, dance thoughts and whatever else comes our way. Expect imaginative, experimental and thoughtful contributions...and maybe a calamity or two.


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