Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some-odd Thousand Words

The three of us met at Boston University. I know what you're thinking; "Oh, BU! That's a great hockey school." Well, in all due respect...WRONG-O. What you meant to say, "Oh, BU! That's a great modern dance school!" Don't worry, we still respect your intelligence.

During our time at BU, the three of us were each very active in Dance Theatre Group, BU's largest dance club. We had the good fortune to choreograph our own pieces, be critiqued and mentored by faculty, take a wide variety of master classes, attend the American College Dance Festival, perform in other student and faculty works...oh, and have a great time, make lots of really great friends, and hold self-indulgent photo shoots.

Eat your heart out, Miss Piggy.
About a bum.
We're Number 1.

Say "hi" for me.
A jolly holiday.
If I could walk on water.

Me against the music.


DTG was a wonderful experience and opportunity for all three of us to collaborate with our peers and to stretch our own creative wings.

While we have yet to determine whether or not we will be revisiting any of our college pieces, just to whet your palate, we will provide a taste of previous choreography....

For starters, here is "Piolin!" A fantastic and fun piece by Meghan.

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