Saturday, April 7, 2012

Photo, shoot!

So the past two months in the Calamity world have been busy. The three of us each had other projects and shows to attend to, and time managed to pass by fairly quickly. We had, of course, anticipated this small hiatus and and planned our next endeavors accordingly.

We hit the ground running last Saturday, with our first rehearsal with all three of us present in at least several weeks.

Yesterday, we had our very first promotional photo shoot with the wonderful and talented Carolann Collins. Our theme was pretty simple: Ordinary Dance for Ordinary People. The hundreds of photos Mrs. Collins shot depicted some tongue-in-cheek concepts of both dance and ordinary things. While the photos are in the process of being edited and perfected (here's hoping she'll photo shop my developpe to the 180 degrees that it could never be.) we made sure to take some behind-the-scenes shots to document the great fun we had.

Costume options. We brought a little bit of everything. This is Meghan's contribution. 

 I'm willing to bet this is the first time a pair of Freed's have been in the same room as a bagel. (It would have been two bagels if I had not already annihilated mine.)

 America Dances on Dunkin.

Bit of a throwback. Haven't done this in a loooong time.

My foot. Minus an arch. Minus being over the box. Minus having cut my toe nails. 

 Ballet class in 2012.

Anything's beautiful when you have legs for weeks.

The outside shots were my personal favorite. So much fun. And not totally freezing.

All good things must come to an end. In this case, our good time ended when I busted my lip doing a really cool, impressive, turning aerial jump that no one else could ever do ever. (Or I bumped my head, like a klutz, causing me to bite my lip, like a klutz.)

Looking forward to sharing some of the actual shots with the inter-world! In addition to posters and promotional work, the three of us are very excited about the new Facebook profile pictures we will all soon be debuting!


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