Monday, June 3, 2013

Space for August

Today Amy and I went to check out the space that we've booked for August, which is the Democracy Center in Harvard Square. It doesn't have dance specific floors and lighting and curtains and it's great. There's enough space for our small pieces, an assortment of dishes, and permission to do what we need to do as long as we clean up after ourselves. Plus the room itself has a nice floor and a nice character. We didn't try the speaker system, but we've used computer desktop speakers before, and if that was good enough, I'm know this will be.

I'm getting excited!

We also spent a great deal of time looking at the most popular baby lady names of 1987 (a magical, magical year, of course). Don't worry -- both our names were on it, as well as our siblings' and significant others' except obviously they left the H out of my name.

...and I will dance there. Yeah!