Saturday, January 11, 2014

Go Do Stuff! January 2014

Here are some January things to do! Go do them! Maybe I'll see you.

1/10 - Friday - Somerville
For the Birds with Jake and the Infernal Machine
Swamp rock, opened up by folk punk. In an art gallery! In Cambridgeport! I'm in. (This picture is of the gallery, but not the particular musicians.)

1/12 - Sunday - Somerville
Sophie Dickinson, EDT, Vio/Miré, Tooms
This is at the Washington Street Art Center in Somerville. It's a gallery and studio. And also, they have live music! There will be cassettes, harp, cello, drones, and other musical types of things.

1/15 - Wednesday - Central Square
AS NASTY AS WE WANNA BE: Some Standup Comedy
All ladies. Being nasty, apparently. At middlesex in Cambridge. I feel wildly out of place at that spot when people are dancing at night, but I've been for various dance/comedy/arty events that I knew little about, and enjoyed them. And fittingly, I know nothing about this one, but I'm intrigued.

1/16 - Thursday - Davis Square
Next to Normal, a staged reading
My friend and esteemed colleague, Beth Peters, has recently started a theater company called Accessible Theater. The AT is presenting a staged reading of a rock musical exploring bipolar disorder and how it fits into family dynamics. The event is at the Davis Square Theater (in Davis Square, of course).

1/16 - Thursday - Somerville
Armory Sound Live Series: Moontower and Alex Marantz
Admittedly I've never heard of these bands before, but this is a killer space and you should go there. They'll be recording what's being played. Do a good cheer and you'll go down in history. (Note: Amy has perfected this. My band recorded here, and I was impressed, in listening to the recording, to hear that she really truly every single time gave a special sparkly Amy yell after every song.)

1/24 and 1/25 - Friday and Saturday - Waterfront
This is at the ICA. It's a dance-music-visual art collaboration! The music is by Stephin Merritt (of the Magnetic Fields), the dance is by Rashaun Mitchell, and the visual art is an istallation by Ali Naschke-Messing. There are a few videos on the event page to give you a sense of what there will be.

1/25 - Saturday - Allston-ish
It's reggae at the Paradise. Maybe I'm just interested in this because I used to go with friends from way back when. You'll definitely be able to dance. But beware the bros. Amy and I recently tried to relive something similar from college at the Paradise and my god ... the bros. But if there's enough space for your body, who cares? Unless they've axed up. Then I care.

1/31 - Friday - South End
SPUNKandCOmpany has been around for a little while. I grew up dancing with Tara McCrystal, one of the directors (she was one of the 'big girls' -- I thought she was so cool and awesome at dancing (I still think that)). They have a dance residency at the BCA and I'm excited to see what they do with it!

ONGOING - Kendall Square
This is the newest Spike Jonze movie. It's not showing everywhere, but it's showing at the Kendall Square Cinema. I thought that 'Spike Jonze' was a name I could say and everybody would know what I meant, but it turns out people aren't all as big weirdos as I am. (He did Being John Malkovich and also Adaptation, and also Where the Wild Things Are, though admittedly I haven't seen that and quite frankly don't really remember the book from my childhood.) In 'Her,' a man makes a machine and falls in love with it. I presume the story is more subtle and detailed. There's lots of Arcade Fire music, I guess, if that turns you on.