Monday, February 3, 2014

Go Do Stuff! February 2014

FYI, my fave thing about writing these up is that then I have plans!

2/4 - Tuesday - Allston
Brazilian Girls
They're playing at the Brighton Music Hall. I imagine they put on a fun show.

2/7 - Friday - Downtown
Iliza Schleshinger - at the Wilbur
Her special that's on Netflix is fantastic. She's makes jokes about pinterest and dumb ways girls are when they hang out and why you shouldn't order lobster on a date. I have tickets to this!! Come watch how extremely loudly I am willing to laugh in public! (Spoiler alert: I have embarrassed people.)

2/7 - Friday - Harvard Square
Boston Ballet Dance Talk - Close to Chuck
I went to a few of these dance talks back at BU. They're really interesting, and then the dancers go up and dance beautifully in their rehearsal clothes. I'm interested to hear what they have to say about making work inspired by Chuck Close. Also it's free!

2/7 and 2/8 - Friday and Saturday - Central Square
Basically a bunch of dancer/choreographers are challenged to make a new piece in January. The name stands for "national choreography month." So there are other events around the country, and this is the one in Boston! We have a coupla friends performing, including Gracie Novikoff and Natalie Schiera, who performed together at the last Calamity. Check them out!

2/9 - Sunday - Union Square
Enamel on Copper Workshop
I did this once in high school, and it's pretty satisfying. Not too hard, and turns out beautifully. Plus, the Artisan's Asylum seems pretty neat and has lots of different kinds classes that require big materials not typically found in craft closets.

2/10 - Monday - Central Square
The Dying Falls and some other bands that are probably cool
Once I played a show with the Dying Falls and they were awesome and didn't even make fun of the fact that I don't really know how to play the drums. Also Molly works with one of these dudes so we can vouch for them being nice guys.

2/10 - Monday - Harvard Square
BJ Novak - at the Brattle
Not sure how I necessarily feel about this guy. But Amy says he was the Mary Poppins movie. So I'm on board. Also, I suppose he wrote a book of short stories and it's supposed to be good. It couldn't hurt, right?

2/12 - Wednesday - Central Square
The Kitschenettes and some other bands that are probably good
Go see them! Rebecca of the Kitschenettes is a great musician, cook, and human. I'm sure at least one of those abilities will be on display at this show at TT's.

2/13 - Thursday - Harvard Square
Thursday at the Comedy Studio - hosted by Andrew Mayer and Will Smalley
Andrew performed at Calamity #2 over the summer, and he's co-hosting at the Comedy Studio every second Thursday with his roomie, Will Smalley. They are both funny and cute. The comedians you can expect on this particular Thursday are Andrew Durso, Adam Langlois, Kenice Mobley, Alec MacNeil, EJ Murphy, Emanuele Perola, Niraj Shah, Christa Weiss, Don Zollo.

2/18 - 2/21 - Harvard Square
The Hypocrite's 12 Nights
This is a 4 person version of Twelfth Night that seems to be tons of fun. I never go to the theatre.. in fact I've never been to Oberon. I shouldn't say that so publicly; I'll be laughed out of Cambridge.

2/21 to 2/23 - Waterfront
This is a show by the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company sooo it's going to be great. Their work has a lot to do with really connecting nicely with humans. This particular show is all randomly one-minute vignettes from Bill T Jones' life. He reads the stories aloud and the art that accompanies his stories will be decided anew each night. Very Cunningham/Cage. Soooo I'm going.

2/23 - Sunday - Central Square

Sam Mulligan is playing songs! We adore him!! (He played at Calamity #4. With gameboys.) Go see him and these other people too!

2/23 - Sunday - Central Square
This is Treatment
This is a sneak peek of a musical about coping with substance abuse in a residential treatment facility. Molly is dancing AND singing because she's a mf-ing beast. We also got to know Elizabeth Addison, who created the play, a bit when dancing in Molly's potato piece in aMaSSit (I'm sure I'm not capitalizing that properly), and she is a delight.

2/24 - Monday - Central Square
It Just Got Weirdo, hosted by Wes Hazard
Weirdo Records is an excellent record shop in Central Square that has live music every Monday night. I got to play there once, and so can definitely say that Angela puts on a lovely evening in her little shop. This night seems to be hosted by a local comedian, which should be fun.

2/26 - Wednesday - Harvard Square
Jenifer Ringer
It's a ballet dancer talking about her life. She started with the NYCB at age 16, no big deal. She also talks a lot about body image and eating issues. Important stuff!

Ongoing - Kendall Square
Oscar-Nominated Short Films
Alright I like going to Kendall Square Cinema. Right now they're showing the Oscar-nominated short films, which I have never ever seen, so maybe I should go educate my brain.