Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weekday Wakeup!

Now I don't know, maybe it's just me, but lately, I've had this strange, kind of sad feeling, that I'm living only in the weekends. 

A concept not unfamiliar to those of us that are hungry like the wolf.

But for me, it's something more than the drudgery of Monday through Friday. I feel like, for various reasons, the bulk of my life, MY LIFE, is squeezed into the person that I let myself become from Friday night to about mid-evening on Sunday. See, while I value, appreciate, and enjoy my [Monday-Friday] job, I don't want that to be what defines me. Something that adds to the greater definition of me? Yes! Absolutely! But I don't want to be the kind of person who tailors their life to accommodate what they need to do between 9 and 5...or in my case, 8 and 3.

So, I present to you, my calamitous compadres, WEEKDAY (actually) LIVING, some tricks and treats to help you teeter around hump day.

Make Something Out of Dinner!

-Planning meals in advance can help you save $$$  as well as keep you organized and less stressed. Extra points if you can somehow incorporate a crock-pot into the mix. (Working on that myself!)

-Dine with friends! I was a recent guest at a Wednesday night dinner party. Nothing too crazy – we were out by nine, but it was delightful! Sharing in the company of new friends and old helped me to let go of the day's stressors and actually enjoy a Wednesday night.

-Let someone else do the cooking every now and then. Every Tuesday, my roommate and I celebrate “take-out Tuesday,” which is every bit of what it sounds like...we even take out the trash after dinner. We've gotten into the habit of trying a new restaurant at least once or twice a month...and typically having leftovers for the next day. Yes it is a bit of a splurge, but it's a treat that puts Tuesday back in the books as something other than Monday's sloppy seconds.

I vote to instate Take-Out All the Days Day.


-A concept run rampant, but find a way to make it yours. Me? Whenever Honest Tea's Oo-La-Long is on sale, I buy myself a bottle or two, to be consumed patiently and only when I really need it. If I know I'll have a long day at work, I'll grab a bottle in addition to my typical water. If it was an unexpectedly long day, I'll sip some with dinner. If tea isn't your thing, help yourself to candy, ice cream, or yes, some light booze. Everything in moderation, we know, keeps us healthy, but allowing yourself to indulge every now and then keeps us happy -so moderate! Only allowing yourself these treats when they're on sale is an instant way to keep yourself in check. I promise, the universe will help you out on this one.

A mid-afternoon latte is nice too!

-Get a goddamn manicure every once in a while!

Gel polish-a splurge purchase that lasts THREE WEEKS.

Create No-Frills Routines

-Meghan is free on Monday nights? Then hang out on Monday nights! Grab a mid-afternoon coffee. The Gym is especially empty on Tuesday evenings? then go to the gym then! Find your peace but stick to it at your own pace; enjoy it if you make it there / forgive yourself if you don't!

-Put FUN things, not just obligatory things, in your calendar. Chances are, you're more likely to remember your karaoke date than your gyno appointment...but putting both of those things in your planner not only helps you stay on top of things, but it keeps you in balance. (And props to you if you like going to the gyno.)

-If you HAVE to do any kind of drudgery at home; studying, paperwork, taxes, let yourself soften the blow. If you know me, you know I like to have a candle burning in all rooms at all times so that my entire apartment smells like a psychedelic garden by about 7pm. I've worked in homes where they have ambient music playing at all hours of the day - Pandora is a wonderful thing! And if you're working for long hours at a time, don't forget to give your body a break and stretch every 20ish minutes.

Three cheers for mood lighting! Shout out to IKEA for the lamp and plant life.

Errands Are a Gateway Drug

-My bank is across the street from Buffalo Exchange. As a treat for finally going to the goddamn bank, I let myself take a quick peek at the happenings of my favorite consignment shop. For me, once I get home, it can be hard to motivate to get myself back out again, even for something that I would enjoy doing, so I try to do it all in one trip.

Text Your Weekend Friends!

-That is, the friends that you don't get to see everyday. Make plans for the weekend, yes, absolutely, but why not ask how they are? Share a funny story? Connect instantly and almost effortlessly! Warm and tinglies!

They are eagerly awaiting your reach.

Break it up! Live your life! Enjoy your life! And keep your cute heels in sightline of your alarm clock -the weekend is coming, after all!