Sunday, August 31, 2014

Friday Tunez - Sunday Edition!

This past Friday found me traveling from Maine back to Somerville with our friends, Luminarium Dance. Because we got a flat tire halfway home and Meghan surprised me with a secret visit from my long-distance boyfriend (woo!) I cruelly left you without a Friday tune.

I am, at the very least, the worst.

So while you're busy not laboring, here's a belated but heartfelt tune that I hope will soothe your end-of-summer woes. It's called "So It Goes" by local heroes The Grownup Noise.

Enjoy the tune and then catch The Grownup Noise bopping around the Camberville area whenever you possibly can. I'd like to give you a date, but my internet is being extremely childish right now. Go ahead and give them a follow on Twitter or a like on the Face-B and keep yourself updated!

Enjoy your Monday holiday, folks. Whatever you do, don't labor!

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