Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shopping in a Calamity - Rock Paper Scissors

If you ever have the good fortune of finding yourself in the small, scenic port side town of Wiscasset, Maine, I strongly emphasize the importance of a pitstop at Rock Paper Scissors. It's a cozy paper wonderland filled with all the things you've ever wanted for your home/office/home office, in all the colors of the wind. And you may just make a new friend while you're there.

Do not let any ferocious beasts deter you in your paper quest.


Rock Paper Scissors is one of those magical spaces that you just like being in. Shopping for cute things is an added bonus to being in a colorful, ethereal corner of small town New England. It's one of those places where you will find every gift for every loved one you didn't know you were shopping for. Thank GOODNESS I already gave Meghan her birthday gift a few days prior, otherwise she would have had to completely redesign her classroom with all the office supplies-cum-trinkets that were just perfect for her. 

Bowls! Glasses! Water bottles! PLATES ON WALLS!

A toy room. I am in a grown up toy room. 
Rock Paper Scissors is an independent paper store at its forefront. And it simply has the best paper ever. 
It's paper. It's MACARON PAPER. 

Want to curl up under these for the dreamiest nap. 

But store owner, Erika, doesn't stop at paper. There's greeting cards, journals, the aforementioned dinner and housewares. There's a corner of super twee children's toys.

There are pens.
Suffice it to say this is one of my most favorite sights.
There's ribbon.
Makes me want to go back to high school and be one of those girls who tied these around a ponytail!
And last but never, ever, least. There is jewelry. 
Reasonably priced, to boot.

So go to Maine. Go to beautiful, definitively quaint Wiscasset, Maine. Go to Rock Paper Scissors and realize all of your stationery and home decor dreams. And again, make a new friend.


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