Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Tunez - With a Cause!

A few days ago, a friend posted on the FaceBusiness about a band she had been listening to quite heavily. As it turns out, in Texas, they had had their van broken into and lost quite a bit of their equipment. Everything from instruments to passports, items personal and pricey. While they are, of course, accepting tips to get this stuff back, as well as donations to replace it outright, their humble post regarding the incident encourages fans and strangers alike to support them by buying their albums and/or merchandise. In light of the circumstances, their label is donating all of the proceeds directly to the band.

The band is called You Blew It! (Which is a great name.) Here's their cover of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Weezer song, My Name is Jonas.

However, their original stuff is heartfelt and poetic and worth checking out as well. In a BONUS tune, here's "Terry v. Tori." They're a bunch of cute dudes, it's really a win-win watch.

So. Here's all the links you need;

Pure Music
Merch and Apparel
You'd rather donate through PayPal? Hit them up at

To be clear, we don't know these guys at all, but wish them the best. Don't let this negativity stop you from making sweet, sweet tunez!

Be good to each other, and have a great weekend!


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