Sunday, October 19, 2014

Be Lazy - weekend links

Hey everybody, it's the weekend! I know that some people like to be active on Saturday and Sunday, but I must admit that I'm still fairly busy with dance and I do a LOT of sleeping. In case you like to have a bit of time sitting on the couch as well, here are some links of things to look at online!

Free People - Desirable Shower Space
Since I started dancing with Jean Appolon Expressions, I've been taking lots of baths. There are a few ideas in here that would make those baths have a vibe that's as soothing to my brain as the hot water is to my muscles.

Podcast: Design Sponge - Create Content for Blogs
This is a podcast with a bit of basic information about putting material online. I'm a little obsessed with Design Sponge, so I'm happy to have some information about how it comes together.

Washington Post - Prison Debate Team
It's cool to learn about how people are able to continue learning while in prison.

Charge Up Introverts - Morning Routine
I'm always looking for things that can help me use my time in a more effective and happy way. I really like that this daily schedule includes making sure to connect with a particular person each day.

Podcast: You Made It Weird - Cameron Esposito
I listen to this podcast more than I should admit. I liked this episode because Cameron Esposito talks a lot about the effects of being a woman, and specifically a woman who dates women, on stage.

Daily Set Puzzle
I mentioned to Amy that I was making a list of links, and she suggested the Daily Set Puzzle. My grandma is the first person that introduced me to this game, which is how you can tell it's great.

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