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ChEEky PoP - eShakti shirt at werk

Juuuuuuust about a month ago, we got the one of the coolest e-mail we've ever gotten. The lovely Jane of eShakti messaged us, inviting us (as they do with other bloggers) to review a product of theirs in exchange for telling all our friends about it. What followed was an early-morning flurry of text messages, in which we discussed the pros and cons of just about every item of clothing available on to blogger reviewers.

And there's good news for you -- they're offering our readers 10% off until November 6th. Just enter 'calamitycodance' as a promotional code when you check out.

eShakti has a large selection of dresses, skirts, tops, pants, blah blah blah, some of which are available to be reviewed. While this was exciting and the possibilities seemed endless, we agreed we wanted something that could cater to both of our personal styles. This required some deliberation, not only because we have our own distinct styles, but also because we are two different shapes. Somewhat fortuitously, we both discovered this shirt - excuse me, I mean "tile print chiffon blouse" - to be something that would work for both our bodies, as well as our styles. 

The COOLEST thing about eShakti is that you can custom order any and every item on their site. Not only can a top be tailored to your specific measurements, but you can change the sleeves, the neckline, or how low it falls on your hips. You can change the length of a dress or whether certain ornamentation is included or not. This part of the site is LITERALLY a dream come true. However, because we were trying to dress two different bodies, and also the shirt we agreed on seemed best as it was offered, we did not take advantage of this extremely cool detail.

We ordered on Day 1. Ten days later, we got an e-mail confirming shipment. Two days later, the box arrived. Not too shabby, all things considered!

So, you wanna know what we really think?

I was surprised by the color! In the relatively short time between ordering the shirt and it arriving at my door step (in all serious, a very short time - props on delivery speed!) the color of the shirt had morphed in my head from a gray to a dark blue. (Truthfully, I used to own an umbrella of a similar pattern in blue, so I think that's the culprit.) I wear a LOT of gray, so I certainly didn't mind, but I had been anticipating on pairing a blue shirt with a gray skirt. Because I'm not into the total storm cloud look, I knew the grey skirt would have to be replaced. 

With all due respect to my wonderful students, whom I adore and admire, as the result of drool, snot, tears, and any fluids that can be released from a child, I delicately refer to my school clothes as my "splash guard." For this reason, above all, my work clothes need to be clothes that can and may be destroyed at any time. Additionally, my office tends to run warm, and even if it didn't, I tend to sweat, so I definitely prefer items without sleeves or colors that mask my own glandular secretions (just being honest!). Lastly, try as I might to maintain professional and appropriate dress, I do still try to maintain some of my personality in my clothing. On my best days, I've had eighth graders complement my outfits. EIGHTH GRADERS. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?!

The top is sheer, as every other top seems to be lately. I paired it with a trusty white cami with a sweetheart neckline. I thought the white would be a nice contrast under the pattern, and I liked that the form-fitting cami gave me a shape under the billowy shirt. I felt like I had the appropriate amount of my body covered to wear to work, without compromising my figure. For a casual look, I paired it with my very most favorite pair of American Apparel leggings, because one can and should wear them with EVERYTHING. I liked the shine of the leggings next to the grey of the shirt. For work, I paired the shirt with black skinny fit slacks, cuffed at the ankle for a little break in the monotony. Again, because the top was loose, I liked a tight-fitting (but still breathable) bottom portion for a little bit of contrast.  On top of it all, I wore a really exciting, three-tiered, enamel-painted gold chain, for some color, excitement and texture. 

This shirt has my work life written all over it. It's breathable, it's loose, and it's appropriate for educating the children. I don't imagine straying too much from the aforementioned formula, though I'd like to try it with some colored pants or a bright sweater. I tend to not wear jewelry to work, but I definitely think this piece benefits from some added color. I also believe this shirt has some certain potential as a headscarf, but that requires additional practice on my behalf. 


I did like the pattern, but didn't love the color of the shirt. I'm so darn pale that I need to wear strong colors, and this brown was washed out. It doesn't look like the color demonstrated on the site. I also wasn't a huge fan of the fabric-wrapped button. Don't pretend you're not a button, button -- we'll love you all the same if you just be yourself.
When I'm teaching, I move around a lot, so I need my clothes to essentially be professional-looking activewear. This top is definitely loose and easy to jump around in. I also like to cover up, since I work with teenagers. I have zero interest in being sexy at high school. To that end, I liked that this shirt was super long. You'd think that I'd like the high neckline, but it was awkwardly placed on me.

One nice feature of a long top is that it can be tucked into a high waisted skirt without poppin' out, so I did that. I wore an orange skirt since the color of the top is a little drab. Since there are a bunch of *details* around the neckline (that button, ruching over the bust, weird little wing sleeves), I went against a necklace and wore some simple bar earrings from Magpie.

I don't think I'll wear this. I mean, the pictures look okay and all, but I already have the face of a 12-year-old and it just made me look so very young. And I just am not into lots of fussy details in my clothing. I'm sure it would be perfect for somebody who has darker coloring (that is, almost every other person on earth) and likes more detail in their clothing. is definitely worth a click and a perusal. There are lots of really versatile items, lots of really work-friendly stuff, and lots of possibilities, given the customization options. Also don't forget! If you use the promotional code "calamitycodance," you'll get 10% off from now until November 6th. Sweet!

Code has to be entered in the ‘promotional code’ box.   It is not case-sensitive.  
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It can be clubbed with any other promotional offer, gift coupon or gift card in the same order unless explicitly specified otherwisein the offer conditions.
This discount code is not applicable on clearance / sale, gift cards & overstock categories.
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Happy shopping! And stay ChEEky!

-A. & M.

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