Sunday, November 16, 2014

Be Lazy - weekend links

Here are some links! I'm enjoying doing this because I actually am reading more full articles rather than scanning for a main point and skipping on.

Fast Company - Dance class for a CEO
Just like how dance helped me become a better math teacher, this article is about how dance helped this guy become a better CEO. We dig it.
This article gives me hope.

The Guardian - Dance and healing
More people writing about how dance has a place outside of the theater! I prefer this to the Fast Company article, as it shows the actual impact that dance itself has, rather than the lessons that it teaches.

Wit and Delight - Leaving social media
I am way more a part of social media than I ever thought I would be. In a large way, it's by design, so that I'm able to communicate with more people about the artists that perform at our shows. But then it becomes all consuming. I liked this article by a woman whose business was started online, about the benefits of going off social media for a short while.

Amplifying Glass - Fake Disney announcement
This is a fake article about Disney making a movie centering about two princes that end up together at the end of the movie. It's sad how reasonable the article is, but how impossible its coming true is for the foreseeable future.

Huffington Post - DIY Art Self-Therapy
Amy and I, along with many other artists with whom I have worked closely, have both have definitely used art to sort out our own thoughts and feelings. I enjoy having dance-making and song-writing available to me as processing tools. I have never participated in formal art therapy, so I hesistate to use the term officially. I do think some of these projects could be interesting to use.

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