Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Tunez!

Allow me to circuitously introduce a song.

I told you, a few posts ago, about how my job is great! However, it is, very much so, still a job. I'm not the type of person that leaps out of bed to start my work day in the morning, so I'm trying to find ways to feel more like my work day is a part of my life...instead of just surviving through the day so that I can commence living after the dismissal bell rings. I've started wearing clothing to work that had been previously black listed from my functional school attire. (Leggings? AT SCHOOL?? If my butt is covered then HECK YES.)

Anyway, one way that I'm helping myself to feel more like a person and less like an OT machine, is having Pandora open and at the ready for when I have any sort of paperwork to do. And believe you me, there is always paperwork to do.

This may sound like a really simple and ...dare I say... dumb thing to mention in a blog post, but remember, I work in a school. My job is very much a social and active one, and one that is not without many much singing and music throughout any given day to begin with. The thought of listening to my "personal life" music was a fairly foreign one, until last year, when a co-worker and I would chose a song of questionable repute to end our Fridays.

So anyway, the HAIM Pandora station is the greatest one there is, and I am slowly becoming work obsessed with a group called Scavenger Hunt and their song "Dreamers" is a current favorite.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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