Saturday, November 8, 2014

Calamity #8 - program!

1. "Dancin' a Day" 

a dance by Alicia Condon and Ellie Valliere
music: "Mahalla" by The Carolina Chocolate Drops

2. Emily Laverdiere

a comedian AND a musician!

3. "Bluebird Variation"

a dance by Amy Mastrangelo, performed by both her and Meghan Riling
music: "Kids" by Sleigh Bells

4. Jaime Loftus 

a comedian! (website || twitter)


5. A Multimedia Folk-Hop Project

video projection and live music by Mike Simonelli


a dance by Paradise Lost: A Movement Collective
music and performance by Tyler Catanella

7. "Maybe I'm a Scrub"

some songs originally by TLC and Carly Rae Jepsen
arranged and performed by Amy Mastrangelo and Meghan Riling

8. "Root Pull"

a dance directed by Rose Abramoff with original live music by Liz Anaya (band || radio)
performed by Rose Abramoff, Cassandre Charles, Alicia Condon, Stephany Lin, Amy Mastrangelo, Lillian Medville (video || cooking), Meghan Riling, and Ellie Valliere

Visual Artists 

Ana Linares - creator of Floriography Tarot (website || etsy)
Dorothy Louisos - 8-bit art
Danette Konkoly - floral still life on wood
Melissa Riling - vintage seller at Red Riling and floral designer at Turnip Floral

November 8th, 2014
The Democracy Center
Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

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