Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Calamity #8 - brief video recap!

Because we have yet to use this medium to send a large thank you to our performers, audience members, and in other words, FRIENDS for making #8 a swinging, dancing and snacking success, here it is.


If anyone was paying attention to me whilst I was off stage (and I sincerely hope you were not) you would have noticed that I split my time between taking photos of EVERYTHING, and frantically deleting old photos off my phone, such that I might continue taking photos of EVERYTHING.

Fortunately for me, our friend Matt had a legitimate camera and took legitimate photos from the front row. Thanks, Matt! You will be seeing those soon.

In the meantime, I would like to share some iPhone videos that I took of some performances, to give you all a meager sampling of the immense talent that was shared on Saturday night. I'm hoping you'll pardon the humble and otherwise crappy videography skills, and turn your attention instead to the excellence of our arteests!

Here is an all too brief bit of Emily Laverdiere's original song "I'm So Fly." We knew Em had comusedy skills, but we didn't know that she had ...skillz!

And next here, find another tantalizingly brief bit of Mike Simonelli's folk-hop performance. It was visceral, intense, and all together entrancing. It was a full body experience that left the audience buzzing once the lights came back on.

As mentioned above, more images are slated to come to you soon. As mentioned above, THANK YOU all for making Calamity #8 an exciting, silly, and fun night of art and good vibes.

There is, however, no rest for the wicked. We're charging forward, commencing work full speed on our next collaboration project, scheduled for January. (Expect more info eventually.) And of course, thoughts of Calamity #9 are already dancing in our heads. Join the conversation! What do you want to see? What do you want to hear? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO PERFORM!? Let us know, because we want to do it all with you!

Cheers all; here's to good times to come!

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