Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Calamity #8! It was great!

Calamity #8 was this weekend! It was buckets if fun. You know you have a good audience when they all join in singing happy birthday to your college roommate. (Don't worry, they all got to eat the cake.)

Usually we end up not taking nearly enough pictures, but this time my booooyfriend showed up with a fancy camera and took all sorts of great pictures!! THANKS MATT MCKAY!

So here are the pictures. Amy also posted a few videos in this post right here!

1. Alicia Condon and Ellie Valliere - Dancin' a Day

We love Alicia and Ellie! (The picture is of Alicia.) They call themselves "Sister Movers" and it's easy to see why when they're dancing. Watching them move is just such a goddamn satisfying experience.

2. Emily Laverdiere - funny songs, or as Amy likes to say, "comusedy"

Amy posted a little video of Emily's excellent rap song in another blog post the other day! She is so darn charming, whether she is telling us about scrabble, being a good neighbor, or loving a corpse.

3. Amy and Meghan (oh that's us!) - Bluebird Variation

Amy made this neat piece called "Bluebird Variation." We held our hands like this a lot. There is also a section referred to in Amy's notes as "Awesome Hips." So in other words, it's a really good dance.

4. Thinking on our feet!

Our comedian unfortunately had to cancel, but luckily we have a totally game and awesome family here at Calamity. Amy, Rose, and Lillian shared some excellent jokes, and then Molly led the audience in a movement creation exercise. Matt was too busy becoming a choreographer to take pictures of this.

5. Mike Simonelli - video and music and singing, oh my!

Damn! 4 speakers, a guitar, a headset, a tambourine, a projector, and just one man. Mike poured his goddamn heart out and I can't even imagine how much work went into creating this, let alone how many millions of calories he burned while performing. It's also, obviously, a very photogenic project!

6. Tyler Catanella from Paradise Lost - SAD TEMPLE

Another amazing performer. Tyler's company Paradise Lost is all about story-telling and is very theater-based, but don't be fooled into thinking that means he's not an incredibly technically skilled dancer, as well as a moving performer. 

7. Amy and Meghan - singing this time!

As usual, we decided to stun the crowd with our musical abilities. This time, we mashed up Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call me Maybe" and TLC's "No Scrubs." It works surprisingly well, though my poor feelings were crushed every time that Amy called me a scrub and denied to call me. Also, we didn't mess up at all, obviously.

8. Rose Abramoff and Liz Anaya and lots of other ladies - Root Pull

Rose made a really improv cool score, complete with some lovely phrases. We had a rehearsal a few weeks ago where Rose, Liz, Lillian Medville, Stephany Lin, and Amy and I got together to play around with ideas (I wrote about it here!). Then on the day of, we were also joined by Cassandre Charles, Molly, and Alicia and Ellie. I only snuck in at the end, so I got to watch, which I don't usually get to do. It was really beautiful - the dancers were really responsive to one another and to Liz's music. Speaking of - Liz was too tucked into her corner to make it into any pictures, but I promise she was there and that she sounded super lovely.

Some audience friends! Here are Jeff, Melissa (my sister, who created the lovely fringe behind the stage space), and Jared.

Lillian behind the scenes!

And there were about a million other things that didn't make the pics. We had art by Danette Konkoly, Ana Linares, and Dorothy Louisos, all sorts of decorations, a ton of food, and just so many lovely audience members. Thanks again to all who came to be a part of this lovely night!!


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